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“I have used KorvaLabs Labs for supplement testing for the past several years, and have found their accuracy, processing time and responsiveness to be unmatched.” Howard Jacobs, Law Offices of Howard L. Jacobs Howard Jacobs Website
“KorvaLabs is the cream of the crop when it comes to lab testing. Since the day we first started working together, we’ve received nothing but excellent service. They are our go-to partner for banned substance testing and have helped certify hundreds of products for us. Their 24 to 48-hour turnaround time is only exceeded by the immediate help you get whenever we have had questions or needed clarifications. Labdoor could not do what we do without them!” Riccardo Dina, Operations Director, Labdoor Labdoor Website
“I’ve been using KorvaLabs analytical services for years because of their rapid turnaround and excellent data quality. They’re true experts in the field, they’re reliable, and they’re great guys who will take the time to troubleshoot with you if you need it. When I founded Karma, it was a no-brainer that KorvaLabs would be our exclusive chemical analysis partner for all our projects.” –  Andrew Gray, PhD, Cofounder and CEO, Karma Biotechnologies

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